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  • Pyruvate Kills Cancer Cells

    Pyruvate repairs injured mitochondria to kill the tumor. Pyruvate can also “up-regulate” NO, which can kill viruses, infections, and tumors. The following press release from Harvard independently confirms that our lead patented compound, pyruvate, can shrink or kill tumors.

    Most cancer cells, however, use a less efficient mechanism called glycolysis to power themselves. They thus cut their mitochondria out of the loop.

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  • New Company Pages

    With our new company pages we want you to meet the YOOtheme team and the support crew. Check it out now.

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    Warp 6.1 Released

    We are proud to announce the next milestone: Our Warp 6.1 framework version is released. Let's have a closer look at it.

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Ear, Nose and Throat Medications All Natural COPD and Low Steroidal In Clinical Trials

From the creators of Neosporin and Lubriderm comes an all new line of products.

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Lung and Respiratory Medications Treats Allergic Rhinitis, Asthma, COPD and More....

DemoIntroducing Our New, All Natural, No Prescription EmphyClear ® Nasal Spray.

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Emphy Clear ® Nasal (Nasal Spray - 70% Lower Steroids)

Sore Throat MedicationComing Soon....In Final Clincal Trials. For More Information On Availability Please Visit Our Country Section On The Top Menu

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Emphy Clear ® Nasal (All Natural No Prescription)

DemoEmphyClear Nasal Spray is most popular for Children and Mom's due to the all natural, non-steroidal relief of congestion.

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Emphy Clear ® COPD (Prescription Oral Spray)

Emphy EarComing Soon...In Final Clinical Trials.  For More Information On Availability Please Visit Our Country Section On The Top Menu 

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New OTC Product

EmphyClear ® (OTC) Pharmacist Testimonial

"When I get asked about OTC Nasal Sprays, EmphyClear is the best choice because it is an all natural non steroidal nasal spray"

EmphyCorp Testimonial

John Traverse

Jersey City, NJ
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EmphyClear ® (OTC) Doctor Testimonial

"As a pediatrician I don't like recommending a product with drugs, that's why I recommend EmphyClear to my patients"


Kathy Crocket

Trenton, NJ
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EmphyClear ® (OTC) Patient Testimonial

"During allergy season EmphyClear nasal spray is the only product that works for me and the only product I use for my allergies"


Jenna Tinski

Freemont, NJ
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